View Full Version : GIJCC Forum update!

11-20-2013, 06:45 PM

Just a few notes about the Club Forum:

1. If you want to go to the forum for the news item on the front page, click the name of the article.

2. Your log-in is your club email and password from the store. (no sign-up necessary). If you need to recover or change, you need to do this at the store gijoeclub.com/shop in the members area. We are working on getting the proper links set from the forum to do this.

3. We have put in an entire buy, sell, trade area that you can use for free. Take advantage of it and forget the ebay fees!

4. Our huge annual sale will start in a few days, watch for the email or check the store at gijoeclub.com/shop

Thanks for your support and Happy Thanksgiving!