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Thread: FSS 5.0 want list

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    Let's just say the above list (and its length and not being all inclusive) is a good reason to hate Hasbro and FunPub going their separate ways.... I think we want a few more than 13 figures...

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    Wow. That's got to be at least another seven years worth of FSS, Con exclusives and other random exclusives.

    We should all email that list to Mark Weber (Facebook or Twitter) and let him know that Joe fans are waiting for something good and not more figs in blue camo and 50th version of Duke!
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    I think the guy above Mark Weber is the problem ...
    The guy with his boxes... that doesn't even know the history of the Transformers which he has on the pedestal ...

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    any rough information on when reveals for 5.0 will take place please, we will do it at joecon etc

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    Seems like Mark Weber has been put into an awful position. He's the "brand manager" but everyone above him is making decisions to essentially sideline the brand.