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Thread: Free Book!!!

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    Free Book!!!

    Hey, Guys, it being Christmas and all, I figured I'd give away a Joe book. I moved recently, so I didn't realize I had 2 of these. If you don't mind, I'll get on a small soapbox for a sec. When Hasbro did the GI Joe vs Cobra/Valor Vs Venom lines, they went all out with their marketing, and we got some pretty cool figures and vehicles (and some lame ones, true), and the marketing they did was pretty extensive too. Books, coloring books, sticker books, and all kinds of kiddie stuff to get kids interested in GI Joe. What do we get now? Toys R Us exclusives that the stores might get one case of 2 packs at a time!

    But I digress. This book is a GI Joe vs Cobra era book, and it's called the Official Handbook. It's basically an Order of Battle book.

    Here's a yojoe link to see a pic of the cover. This book is worth $5.99 or more, and it's yours for free (well, pay shipping)! First one to PM me gets it! I'll calculate shipping once I have your address. Merry Christmas!

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    Not to mention, those packs, the good ones anyway, sell out online before they've even been up any substantial ammount of time :/

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    It's been claimed, but if the claimee doesn't follow through I'll post this again to be up for grabs!