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Thread: 50th Joe wants/for sale thread!

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    50th Joe wants/for sale thread!

    Let's post all of our wants/for sales here, and let's hook each other up. Please sell your sets to each other at cost plus shipping. I'm sure we're tired of getting things for a 200% markup on eBay and other sites. I'll kick it off!

    For sale:
    SDCC Desert set (AWE Striker, blue Snow Cat, Chuckles, Night Fox, Horseman, Air Viper)
    I can probably get the regular set if you're interested...

    2 pack: Marine Devastation (Gung Ho and Crimson Shadow Guard)

    PM me if you're interested in my set for sale, or if you have any of the above figures (or can get them at your local TRU!). I'll also be willing to trade!!!

    PS, I also have some MOC 25th anniversary/FSS figures MOC that I can trade for some of these 50th figures.
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    About time someone started this. Ill keep a look out!

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    I just hit my TRU for the 10 th time in a row. I was told there would be another truck tomorrow. We shall see...

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    I have one extra of the vanishing act three pack (Zartan, Hit & Run, Torpedo).

    I want the rock rampage set. That's the only one of the three packs I still need. Willing to deal.

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    I'll be going to my local TRU again this weekend sometime, so if I see anything...I'll try to check this thread to see if there's any other wants I need to look for.

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    Any luck anybody???

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    Hello all,

    If anyone is interested, I have the following 2 packs and Vehicle sets for sale (prices include shipping):

    Wave 1 (Qty) $15 each:

    Heated Battle: Blowtorch vs. H.E.A.T. Viper (x3)
    Night Marksmen: Low-Light vs. Night Viper (x3)

    Wave 2 (Qty) $15 each:

    Arctic Ambush: Snow Job vs. Arctic B.A.T. (x3)
    Social Clash: Lady Jaye vs. Baroness (x3)

    Wave 3 (Qty) $20 each:

    Classic Clash: Spirit vs. Storm Shadow (x1)
    Hunt for Cobra Commander: Shipwreck vs. Cobra Commander (x1)
    Troop Build Up: Steel Brigade vs. Iron Grenadier (x1)

    Vehicle Set (Qty) $55 each:

    Desert Duel: F.O.E. Striker/Chuckles vs. Cobra Basilisk/Cobra Elite Horseman (x5)

    Thanks in advance for everyone's interest! Any questions, please let me know!!
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    I have a Gung Ho twosey. Would like to trade. Let me know if youre still looking

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    Bumping this, updated my list, and still willing to trade!

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    Updated my list, I got a 3 pack, and one up for grabs! Also still looking for that Marine Devastation!!!