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Thread: GIJCC: FSS 4.0 Final Previews and Deadline!

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    You know, I always thought the vintage Barricade head looked like the Dusty head, with its parting and all. They should have used a blacked out Dusty for Barricade, and the Chuckles re-do for Bullhorn.
    Never thought of the chuckles head for bullhorn, that'd almost work perfectly, as would the dusty head for barricade. Maybe the dusty head wouldn't fit the helmet?

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    That Dusty head will fit most anything. The Chuckles head is a little bigger. I used that helmet for a Salvo and managed to fit both Serpentor and Dwayne Jonhson's Roadblock head in that thing. I think the comic from on high refers to an unmasked head for Interrogator, since that helmet was pulled from an 0-ring style figure, wherein the heads overall are much smaller.

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    The Barricade looks really good. Interrogator is OK. I like the traditional Interrogator helmet so I'm cool with it not being a top choice pick for the head underneath.
    Barricade is a bit on the silly side and probably my least favourite of this wave but I understand the reasons for including him, so giving him a really good head under the helmet is a good idea.

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    You can't "adapt" heads. You would have to make a whole new tool (mold) which would not make financial sense for s head that has a helmet.

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    I collect my joes carded so a head inside the helmet makes no difference to me.

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