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Thread: GIJCC: FSS 4.0 Bonus 13th Mystery Figure?

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    Post GIJCC: FSS 4.0 Bonus 13th Mystery Figure?

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    GIJCC members that order and complete the FSS 4.0 subscription will receive a bonus carded 13th mystery figure with their sixth shipment. Although this bonus figure will remain a mystery until the final shipment, we wanted to follow tradition and post a couple hints. This exciting figure will be another great addition to your modern era collection:

    - It will be a Female Figure!
    - Features a NEW head sculpt!

    Make sure to get your subscription before the deadline on July 15th at midnight (Eastern time)!

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    Is she sided with the Joes, Cobra, Destor/IG, Dreadnoks, or other?

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    Choices, choices, choices,

    Shooter (The 14th Original Joe)
    Ninja Force Scarlett
    Carla Doc Greer
    TF Jinx (with an unmasked head)
    Daina (Sunbow)
    Alice (Skystriker Mechanic)
    Honda Lou
    Candy Apple (Bongo the Bear)
    Pale Peonia
    GI Jane
    Natalie Poole
    Glenda ( A Real Glenda)

    Mistress Amanda
    Cadet Demming

    Dr. Blackstone
    Dr. Biggles-Jones
    Dr. Adele Burkhart
    Dr. Cassandra Knox
    Bree (Lifeline's Girlfriend)

    other thoughts Renegades Baroness, or Baroness in disguise from the MASS Device episode?
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    Pale Peony would be amazing! Carla Greer is my first guess, though. If it is Firewall, let it be the younger, hot version.

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    Scrap the vehicle pack and give us Heartwrencher, perhaps? I was thinking Ninja Force Scarlett, as well- don't know if that would earn a new headsculpt, though...

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    IF it wasn't for the fact that They probably wouldn't give us a straight answer I'd officially ask them if The Figure is a character new to the Club's offerings or not But they most likely would not so I won't bother.

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    There are a lot of complaints that we haven't got a " good" Scarlett head yet. I am not one of them...

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    Do you think they'll tell us if she's already been mentioned here? Since Windsor named everyone except Quick Kick's girlfriend.

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    I might have missed a few ...

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    What's the name of the lady ninja from Master and Apprentice? Maybe her...

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