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Thread: GIJCC: FSS 4.0 Tiger Force Sneak Peek Preview!

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    Get MY way? lol
    Just an opinion, like everyone has.. This guys a total also-ran. If collectors preferred regular deco then the Tiger Force sets wouldnt have been so popular this year as to sell out. I think theres a bad case of vocal minority here on the club website..
    The characters in this years set had their VD versions released through the 25th and other lines sold in stores with much higher production runs, where the GIJCC exclusives always have smaller production runs and thus are more valuable on the secondary market, explaining why these versions sold out. So, knowing is half the battle and bring on vintage deco Sneak Peak.

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    Kind of glad they went with the European deco, I needed a change in my TF collection. We'll probably see Night Force and regular versions in a con set or another FSS.

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    Do the forearms from the 50th Flint fit into those upper arms or is it too late to make that change with the manufacturer?

    That would give him the cuffed sleeves look he originally had.

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