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Thread: GIJCC: FSS 4.0 Tiger Force Sneak Peek Preview!

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    Not bad. I love TF. What color is his hair? Lookin' forward to him

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    [QUOTE=Thank goodness its the Tiger Force one. Hopefully theyll do the Night Force one next and then not bother with the regular one.[/QUOTE

    I very much hope you do not get your way on this, as many collectors prefer vintage deco over sub team deco.

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    Body is nice but the head should be different. We need to work a few more new heads into the sets. 2 isn't enough.

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    I kind of hate that its basically the same build as Bullhorn. I like it, though, but it just doesn't look like Sneak Peek to me.

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    Get MY way? lol
    Just an opinion, like everyone has.. This guys a total also-ran. If collectors preferred regular deco then the Tiger Force sets wouldnt have been so popular this year as to sell out. I think theres a bad case of vocal minority here on the club website..

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    Yes it's okay we all have different opinions. But most of this year's TF convention figures have already been done in v1 deco, so I don't see how the sell out means those were more popular than v1. The Night Force figure were really popular a couple years ago, but the very next thing the club did was release those figures in v1 deco for the FSS because people asked for it. I don't know if there is a vocal minority or not, but the club can only listen to the people who post here.

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    I only bought the TF convenion set to support the club and for the main line IG decos. I prefer the originals first, but will buy the sub teams only as a means of support to the effort of the club to continue to produce the originals in ME. If they only start offering the sub teams, then I have less incentive to support them at all...

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    Very nice figure, I hope to see a repaint in either classic colors or NF versions!

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    Great looking figure and I love the periscope.

    Hope we get the classic colors figure soon (probably in the 2016 Con Set)

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    Looks good!

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