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Thread: Who do you like to see in the comics?

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    Who do you like to see in the comics?

    List the characters that deserve to appear in the comics also the vehicles, playsets and accessories based on the vintage and modern Joe toy line.

    I like to see the Joes

    Blowtorch, Airtight, Payload, Hardtop, Steam Roller, Scoop, Recoil, Rapid-Fire, Updraft, Coldfront, Major Storm, Windchill.

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    I'd like to see Scoop and some the of the characters from 1990 and 1991. I was glad to see Larry Hama included the Night Creepers and NCL in recent issues of ARAH.

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    I would love to see more of Cover Girl, Law and Order, see a new Croc Master introduced and see Crimson Asp make her comic debut.

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    I would also love to see Shadow Tracker make his ARAH debut as well.

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    Hands down, THE ADVENTURE TEAM!