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Thread: Jungle / Swamp Diorama Photos

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    Rock & Roll Name:  IMG_0411 - Copy.JPG
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    Fire Fight Name:  IMG_0490 - Copy.jpg
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    Supplies ShackName:  IMG_0064 (2) - Copy.jpg
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    Croc Master & Jungle B.A.T.s Name:  IMG_0061 - Copy.jpg
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    Table currently measures 6 feet by 3 feet (with room to add more) Name:  IMG_0053.jpg
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    Nice job, very talented. The set-ups look very realistic and not thrown together... like mine.

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    I love the whole set up!!! Wow!! How big is that actually??? Can you share your construction process? Maybe an article for the magazine?
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    The overall diorama measures 6' feet by 3' feet and is comprised of four slabs of styro-foam that were glued together using a hot glue gun. Each slab measures 1" thick by 18" wide by 3' feet long and cost approximately $9 each at the Joann Fabrics. The jungle floor is comprised of 3 pieces of Sheet Moss which come in rolls that measure 3' feet by 2' feet and cost around $16.00 per roll at Joann Fabric. The Sheet Moss was permanently glued to the foam with hot glue. The "trees" are plastic/vinyl shrubbery and were purchased at various stores like Hobby Lobby, and The Flower Factory. They vary in price based on size and usually range between $4 - $10. (It is best to wait for sales and coupons). The background is made of cheap 20" x 30" foam board from the dollar store and pasted over with scrapbook paper that pictures pine trees which I also found at Joann in the scrap booking aisle. I estimated that the entire project cost around $100 dollars to build the jungle (not including the toys). It would have cost much more but I was very patient over a six month period and limited most of my purchasing to when 40-50% off coupons were available.

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    I've been working on something similar and a good place to find some of those plants, sheet moss, and foam boards is the Dollar Tree. They sell 1ft x 1ft squares of the stuff for a buck a square. Although the foam boards they sell are the thin ones that are only about a quarter inch thick...not that great for building a solid base but I have used it for throwing together quick structures....

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    Today was the 1st day it has been warm enough to go out and spend time in the garage in a long time and I have been anxious to set up my new Red Shadows figures for a month! Name:  IMG_0332.jpg
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