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Thread: GIJCC: FSS 4.0 Nunchuk Preview!

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    Looks solid. Do we know if he'll be unmasked under the hood?
    Based on tooling allowances, it will be an existing masked head.

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    Do the feet swivel side to side like slice? i most certainly hope so, that makes for great ninja poses. if not is there any way to make it so? i most certainly hope so, id even kill for a dice with such feet as its hard to pose him like other ninjas.

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    wow. just wow.

    unfortunately... i won't be able to afford the sub this year... :/
    this is one figure i will definitely buy second-hand though.

    if i'm lucky i'll be able to pick up 4 FSS4.0 figures secondhand. and my picks will prolly be Nunchuk, Pathfinder, Outback, and Billy. I'll wager on the mystery figure, too, for a total of 5. guess i better get busy...

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    I was sold on the FSS 4 with Law and Order, but this is another great incentive.

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    Definitely digging Nunchuk. I like the hood and I'm glad it'll be a masked head underneath.

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    I'm liking Nunchuk, but I was picturing him with more vintage accurate webgear and the Night Creeper head wrap. Still happy to get him and I might try out some different gear on him later.

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    Love it! Looks like a winner.

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    Why not use the Falcon webgear from the nemesis immortal 2 fits very well.

    Or from the more recent Falcon...

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    Simply Amazing. I love the green camo as it a perfect match for the vintage character.

    I know Ninja Force isn't everyone's cup of tea but I'm glad Nunchuck is being made.

    Ninja Force Countdown Released/ Coming Soon: Snake Eyes '91 (Dollar General), Storm Shadow (Dollar General), Slice, Dice, Nunchuck, T'JBang, T'Gin-Zu (Dollar General)
    Needed: Dojo (the only one left from the 1992 asst), Banzai, Bushido, that weird purple Night Creeper, Ninja Scarlett, Orange Slice, NF Snake Eyes, punk rocker/ biker Zartan.

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    Is it too late in the process to add webgear to him?

    The figure is fairly plain and needs some pop. Webgear would help a lot. Disappointed there's no holster on the legs.

    So far FSS4.0 is 2 of 5 for me (Jammer and Law).

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