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Thread: GIJCC: FSS 4.0 Barricade Preview!

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    Hi Guys,

    thanks for your feedback... I wanted to address a couple misconceptions:

    1) This is our interpretation based on tooling allowances. It is a Photoshop representation and the actual figure will not be "shiny" gold.
    2) We accept constructive criticism and do not delete negative comments as long as they are not sarcastic or rude (per the forum guidelines).

    Also, this figure is planned to use an existing unmasked head under the helmet.

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    I've noticed he's got a longer shoulder piece then the other, and a funky eyeball symbol on his chest!! Do you think that will change to?

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    This paves the way for Gears....Which to me as a fan is AWESOME, I like the update for Barricade, Can't wait to see the final product!

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    I like the figure and would prefer the gold, the helmet and the gold remind me of a lord of the rings elve

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    I'm not a huge fan of this figure either at least not in it's current rendition. He looks almost like a Mystic Knight of Tir Na Nog (anyone remember those?) and not a GI Joe. I keep all my subscription service figures carded and unopened so I am hoping he will look a little better after final production

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    Not familiar with the 90's joes so I'm not very enthusiastic about this set. Execution will be the major factor for me and this one just doesn't thrill me. Glad others are smitten.

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    This figure appears to have more dated parts than I care for, particularly when there is no new head tooling to compensate. They can't all be great I suppose

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    I haven't seen anything new about this figure since the original post so I was wondering if anyone has seen if there's any updates like what the head will look like underneath the helmet or any changes in parts. I understand these are not final designs and that there's a limit to the parts that can be used but I hope the final figure is able to capture as much of the original 90's version as possible. Please don't put a generic masked head underneath that helmet. Thank you!

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