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Thread: FSS 3.0 final billing for installment customers!

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    I'm not sure what the cost was for 1.0 & 2.0 but 3.0 was $315 if it was all paid up front. I did the payment arrangements and the total will be closer to $385. The big hitter with the arrangements is you get charged for shipping and i think there was a $4 or $5 processing fee on each payment. It was basically an extra $20 per payment for me.

    In the end each figure for me breaks down to a cost of $26.25 per figure. The figures in the club store go for $37.50 apiece and around $40 in most other online stores. A total set @ that cost is $487.50 for all 13 figures. There's usually one or two that go for $75+ per set so that adds cost there as well.

    Ordering the set is definitely the most cost effective way to do it plus you're guaranteed to get at least one of everything.
    thanks again. I'm def in for next year for subscription, as for $40+ a figure. nope, i dont need them that bad.

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    A total set @ that cost is $487.50 for all 13 figures. There's usually one or two that go for $75+ per set so that adds cost there as we[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, the current prices to get both Cover Girl and Big Boa are close to the same as paying for an entire FSS. It is worth it in a big way to subscribe, as of now I have saved at least $50 by not buying through the secondary market on just the first six figures.

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    I know you guys are super busy with the Convention but are there any updates on when the next pair of figures will ship?

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    I know FSS 3.0 was set back a lot, does anyone know if that is going to effect the release for FSS 4.0? Also when will we find out the figures being offered in the next assortment? I remember joining in the poll for that a while ago and never knew the final decision. Thanks guys!

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    I believe I heard the next shipment will go out in late April, after the con, and the last one in May.
    The FSS 4 lineup should be announced during the Club panel at Joe Con, on Saturday afternoon. The poll here on the forum was unofficial. A few of us tried to start a survey and keep track of everyone being suggested, but the Club has not done an official poll on here for the FSS. Hopefully they are paying attention to their forums though and make some of the frequent suggestions.

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    So, I guess we're not going to have all of the FSS figures by the time Joecon starts, then, right? I count four (counting the mystery one) that I still haven't received yet.

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    I would really like to receive the final FSS 3.0 shipment before I order FSS 4.0. Frostbite better be the bonus figure or I am going to be severely disappointed.

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    Just got my final shipment of figures today. No spoilers if you haven't received it yet.

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