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Thread: Arctic Stuff

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    Those pics are great. My favorite is the one in the canyon, looks awesome.

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    Snowboard Dude Name:  IMG_8057.JPG
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    I put the "Snowboard Dude" together using the body of Snake Eyes (v46) and the disguise accessories from Zartan (v20)

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    Name:  IMG_8053.JPG
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Size:  29.8 KBName:  IMG_8055.JPG
Views: 286
Size:  32.5 KB Snowboard and rifle accessories from Iceberg (v4)
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    This is cool! I'm getting some ideas of my own seeing these, Major Gibroni. I never though for a second that swapping heads on the (quite frankly what i believed was worthless after figure #1) Snowjob body would make it differnt in any way, shape, or form. Right under my nose and i couldn't even see it. That will make me look at my search for custom fodder in a different way that's for sure.
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    Cool. Looks great.