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Thread: Joe Con Homefront Heroes

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    Joe Con Homefront Heroes

    I don't see why the Club doesn't offer the Set/ Packages ahead of time, instead of waiting for all the reveals. Just like the FSS, some of us would buy them right away. Others will wait and see I know, but again some of us will trust the club and put our money down right off.

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    This depends on when registration is available and when the majority of convention packages are purchased.

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    I am one of the "take my money already" guys

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    I agree, I would just likely sign up now if I had a list of the contents and a cost. I would also pre-order the exclusives to receive as part of a Homefront Heroes package. Then they could better guess on the quantities sold by the GIJCC and not encourage the secondary market mark-up which yields them no more money.

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    I agree! If I had a list and costs I'd preorder a set, the collectors club always has such unique sets.

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    @Admin, in other words, home front heros wont be on sale until a majority of con packages are purchased? Does that also mean available quantities depend on how many are left after packages are purchased as well?

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    Wait a minute. I can't purchase a home front heroes package until after the attending packages go live? What if they all sell out? As member of the club I believe the convention sets should be readily available to all members, attending or not, at the same time. Otherwise, if you miss it your're stuck paying hundreds more for the set.

    I don't understand this. I could be wrong though. We need some clarification.

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    I think the homefront packages has to go live with the rest/same time so there are enough sets for those actually attending. However, I am fine with preordering and waiting 6 months for it to come via the mail. I do it with the FSS without batting an eye. This way those tha attend get another exclusive of sorts- the first to see, touch and own the sets.

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    I would love to be able to pre-order the set. The club should also offer the souvenirs for preorder as well. I would buy most of them sight unseen.

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    Ok, the way the admin made it sound was homefront heroes will go on sale after.attendees buy their sets... meaning if thy sold out or most were sold those of us unable to attend only get a fairly small shot if any at all at them... but this ia wrong yes?