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Thread: G.I. Joe Special 1995

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    G.I. Joe Special 1995

    I hope at some point IDW will reprint this issue as it is the only Marvel Joe comic I and likely many others have never read. For those of you who have never heard of this issue it was released after the cancelation of the Joe comic and toyline so many depressed Joes fans at that time never even knew it was released. (The cover featured Snake Eyes in a Spider-Man pose.) The issue features the original art work for issue 61 by Todd Macfarlane who was fired around that time due to clashes with Larry Hama, as well as I'm told a few other features. This issue sells for well over $100 on the secondary market and it would be great to see it reprinted, perhaps IDW could release it with a reprint of "The Order of Battle" as those two projects are the last remaining things IDW would need to release, to have reprinted the entire Marvel run.

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    Yes they need to release this as well as OoB! I read an article years ago about this issue and how rare it was. Great idea for them to do! Maybe around Christmas