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Thread: Comic-Con exclusive missing stickers - the final conclusion

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    Comic-Con exclusive missing stickers - the final conclusion

    I bought the final conclusion set as BNIB but it turns out it is missing the sticker sheet for jetfire and hound. Does anyone have a sheet I can buy or know where I can get one from?
    Thanks so much

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    Very cool! Thanks Windsor!! I grabbed an extra jet when they were at Marshall's with the intention of turning it into the Starscream version from the first SDCC set. The stickers were going to take some work. But they've got a TON in the Skystriker catagory. Now I kinda want to make a Thundercracker. I always thought Starscream was a little whiney.

    Anyway, I have the Conclusion set gwilly. If you need something closer to original I can probably scan my sheets in and send you the file. Or if given some time I can probably redraw them as vectors and you can take them into a sign shop and have them printed(or I can take it to one of my customers). But honestly, these Cobra Stickers prices are pretty fair(at least for Hound, the jets seem high but if you figure half of that cost is to save you time, it ain't that bad) and they're ready to ship now.

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    Cobrastickers are awesome! Same quality as the originals also.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys, will place an order with cobra stickers!