The Joes, shaken by the events simulated (or, perhaps, foreseen) by WarSim, have no choice but to once again enter Mainframe's ultimate training simulator. This time, they find themselves in a newly-rebuilt Pit, but the moment they "arrive" the alarms go off -- Cobra is attacking!

Under the cover of a full-scale frontal assault, Zartan and Storm Shadow infiltrate the Pit and wreak absolute havoc! Their goal is anyone's guess, but as Zartan impersonates a seemingly endless parade of friends-turned-enemies, Storm Shadow makes his steady, deadly way towards their objective...

Can G.I. JOE's best operatives -- bolstered by Elite agents Dojo, Firewall, and Helix -- repel the Cobra attack? What could cause The Enemy to mount such a bold attack on the headquarters of their greatest foes? Find out what happens when "The Serpent Writhes," in this exciting Takedown Event!

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