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Thread: G.I. Joe: 50th Anniversary Toys "R" Us Exclusive Sets!

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    We finally got the new three packs in our TRU here in Hawaii. All are pretty cool, I don't really care for the blue Dusty or Bazooka. I would have preferred to have had a normal desert Dusty, and then make Bazooka a desert version. I would have them displayed with Chuckles and Night Fox in the desert duel set. The blue camo just doesn't seem to fit, even though one can argue it's a night-time camo. Kind of looks like the Navy fatigues, but it seams odd to display these two as part of the danger at the docks set. Just me, but I like to display my joes in teams or environments that make sense. (Arctic, desert, water, urban)...still perfecting my GI Joe shed where I have everything set up. Once I think it's ready I'll be sure to post some pics.

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    I finally found the gung ho 2 pack in TRU
    Yea I did...

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    Lucked out and actually found a Marine Devastation pack today at TRU. Woohoo!

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    Does anyone have a real explanation why Dusty, a desert warfare specialist, is blue?
    Its the movie deco. They all had blue urban camo in the film and this camo matches all those other figures.

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