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Thread: Hasbro 2014 SDCC Exclusive: G.I. Joe Danger At The Docks Set!

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    I read that this will only be available on and not in the stores. How hard is to get something like this to brick and mortar stores. Maybe could limit people to two per order?

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    Will these be a limited run? Or will their be enough for purchase on the TRU website come July 24th?

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    wil this also be on

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    I have a feeling this won't be too hard to get at at decent price, with it being sold at multiple sources and a similar product being sold at the same time. Joe comic con exclusives are not too bad price wise for about a year or so then they tend to rise quickly. By the way, has anyone else noticed some of these scum bag scalpers are trying to sell this item for $200 pre-sale, some people have no shame.

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    Yes, I have also seen some of them re-list them for as low as $125 as it looks like most collector's are holding off for the TRU release.

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    Why would anyone place a $200 pre-order for a $30 item? There would be no return on the investment as this will probably sell for only $80 to $90 a year or so from now.

    We collectors are crazy!!

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    I haven't seen one of them sell yet, but the scalpers are trying to get top dollar...

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    I see the price has dropped to as low as $65 Buy it now for a boxed complete SDCC release plus $40+ s&h (sadly people are paying this-probably not reading the shipping and handling money making amount), some auctions are beginning at $65 with semi-reasonable shipping.

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    I placed my order on Although it now seems to be sold out.

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    FML- I checked everyday for the preorder or for it to be listed and I never saw it...

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