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Thread: Troop Builder 3-packs for FSS subscribers?

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    This again should be a topic of discussion with two troop builders in FSS 4.0

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    Every member should have access to the troop builder set. Not everybody wants every figure in the FSS
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    Thus taking all the ones from previous FSS and creating a second marketing opportunity...

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    So what Troop Builders does the club have access to from previous sets
    Desert Scorpion
    Nano Bat
    Skull Buster
    Iron Grenadiers
    Frag Vipers
    SAW Vipers
    Cobra Lab Rats
    Toxo Vipers v2
    Vipers (Crimson Strike 09)
    TeleVipers (Pyton Patrol)
    Cobra troopers/officer (Python Patrol)
    Steel Brigade
    Navy/Coast Guard troops "Gray Shirts from Sunbow"(utilizing Shipwreck and Topside)
    Green shirts probably played out unless AA or Female which were not represented yet.
    Cobra Night Stalkers would be cool

    I am sure we can come up with combo packs of 3 to be offered, ...

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    I would definitely like to order more Frag- Vipers, SAW Vipes, Crimson Guards, 2012 Iron Grenadiers, and especially Python Troopers, Tele- Vipers and Motor- Vipers.

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    They could even repaint the Nitro (motor) viper to look like the 86 version
    That would be awesome and probably a big hit with collectors who are trying to complete by YEAR the ME version
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    Now that Hasbro has bought into troop builder packs- and the Club will be offering one as an add on (female Cobra Troopers) I think this idea is coming to fruition. Now they could save some money (with Hasbro's permission) if they offered these as a Club/BBTS exclusive 7 pack. Club members pay $X BBTS members pay $X +Y. They could even consign the stock to BBTS for them to buy in.

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    Of course with Hasbro doing them and the SAW viper being added, we may get them at retail as army builder packs if these sell.

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    The add on of the Female Cobra Troopers are up for Pre-Order

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    If the new female 3-pack is used as a reference point, you could expect $65. Not a bad price for 3 club figures. I could get behind some Nano BATs, Ice Ninjas, etc.

    Another idea I threw out on a different thread, Pick your own 3-Pack (any 3 Club produced figures since 2011, pre-order only). This would allow anyone to get some figures they missed. They could also be bagged, as to not upset those who originally purchased them for exclusivity, among other reasons.