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Cobra has been quietly abducting people with psychic potential, indoctrinating them with their venomous methodologies, empowering them with their psi-amplifiers, and controlling them with their neural disruptors. This burgeoning army of psions can change the very fabric of reality, but Cobra makes one fatal mistake --- they abduct Tommy Talltree, the brother of Franklin Talltree, AKA Airborne. The Joes launch a world-wide search for their missing brethren, and Global Warfare erupts!

Can the rock-solid-but-conventional weaponry of the G.I. JOE Steel Brigade contend with brainwashed psychic soldiers? Is Airborne’s helicopter chaingun a match for Cesspool, the toxic CEO? Find out in "Mind Over Family Matters"!

Please note that Global Warfare has changed!

* It is now a five-day event! As a result...
* The group schedule (for possible demotions and promotions) has changed! See the schedule below!
* The best event points (and the greatest challenges) will be found in all win-streak battles that are multiples of 3 (battle 3, 6, 9, 12, and so on)!
* Retreating from a map NO LONGER resets your win-streak to zero!