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Thread: FSS 3.0 Preview 6 -- COBRA COURIER: VYPRA

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    Perhaps an unmasked head, or a gray camm pattern on the outfit?

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    I like the parts you chose for this figure but the color scheme is just too drab. It's very disappointing not to have the swirly black and blue color or her original toy, and I hope you can still make that change.

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    I actually like this color scheme better than the cheap faded camo look of the original. It looks like it fits more into the Marvel/Sunbow world and not the cheap "foreign knock-off" look of the original. I am excited about this figure, maybe a tweak to the shade of blue, but do not ruin it by trying to match purists who want the exact repo. This one is much better. If you have to give in on any of them the NCL would be the one, and a compromise on Hit and Run to the concept case version/accessories. Don't mess up this one- it is one of the best in my opinion of this set.

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    Right now this figure is Meh to me. I think if you really want to make it a star of the FSS 3, the following changes would be needed:

    1. Please make the paint a digital Blue/grey camo look. You could use the upcoming 50th Vamp MKII as an example of the blue/grey digital camo look that would make this figure pop. Plus it would be a tribute to her original role which was the rattler driver.

    2. Include an unmasked head. The Ret. Lady Jaye head with a little different skin tone and muted lipstick would be awesome.

    I think these changes would sell more figures.
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    Keep in mind I support the Club and would buy the FSS regardless- If it was an individual piece with digital camo- not special, if it is a throwback to the original I definitely would be looking to have someone repaint it or trade it. I really like this version. It has a classic ARAH feel to it, making the character fit into the original Joeverse. The line lost its momentum when they started putting neon colored figures out, weird concept vehicles and figure repaints like the original Vypra. Sometimes an update means a new figure all together. People should stop whining, crying and acting like a 5 year old that has been told no in a store. Be thankful that we have the opportunity to buy these very good figures from the Club so the line does not die all together. Although the unmasked head of Lady Jaye without the hat would be a great bonus, but again not necessary.

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    Some sort of digital camo for the pants or the vintage swirly look would be awesome! Any chance you have access to the SDCC White Jinx head to use as an alternate?

    It's pretty forgettable as is.

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    I think the camo would have been a better option. I changed the arms and legs as well, but only did that since I was in Photoshop anyway.

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    I wouldn't not buy the photoshopped one above, looks as cheap as the original version. I think The FSS sticks to its guns on the whole set, and releases the "other options discussed" as part of a convention set including the NCL1 an ugly, true to original, remake of Vypra. I think the concept case Hit and Run might be a future Hasbro offering, maybe for the GI Joe 3 movie? or a second wave of the 50th...

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    I never liked the camo Vypra. To me it looked as if she were wearing a denim ninja outfit.

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    While I would stick to my gun-To give the club a better indication/perspective on this figure (and the FSS 3.0 as a whole)-look at BBTS which is doing a pre-order for these figures for non Club Members in an a la carte way. Vypra, Muskrat, and Psych-out pre orders sold out after the reveals, Repeater, Bombstrike, Slice, and Crimson Guard Immortal sold out before the reveals Big Ben, Hit and Run, Alpine, Spearhead, and NCL have preorder availability left. This indicates that the most sought after by GI Joe fans/collectors are the ones that sold out before the reveal. Those four are probably the deal breaker figures for people. The three that sold out after the reveals indicate designs the fans really like and put their money where their mouths are. Big Ben not being sold out indicates the base is not sold on the figure/character and the nature of collectors is to wait until the reveal. Those that have been revealed, and have not sold out, are the ones the club should focus any changes on, since AFTER the reveal collectors are not sold on them or didn't want them to begin with. If I were the club, I would not change those that have sold out after the reveals, and would make sure those that have are true to original home runs. I watched them as they began to sell out as I check BBTS everyday two or three times in hopes that someone cancelled their "Danger at the Docks" preorder and one becomes available. It hasn't yet, but I keep hoping...
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