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Thread: Vehicle Subscription Service 1.0?

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    Vehicle Subscription Service 1.0?

    How many would support a VSS provided by the GI Joe Club? I am thinking 4 small subscription vehicles/playsets each year (if the can be sold for around $75 to $100 each) with a larger mystery vehicle at the end. I am thinking for the first run the Wolverine (original Green, but a Black Z Force version would also be cool) A three pack Group of Pac Rats, the APC and the Slugger in their original colors with the Killer Whale as the, Cobra Moray, or Battle Platform as the final mystery vehicle/playset. Year two could be the Bridge Layer, Cobra Stun, Dreadnok Swampfire, Observation post-rifle range-Air Defense Unit. Year three Dessert Fox, Dreadnok Thunder Machine, HAL or MMS in their original Green, The Devil Fish (original Orange) and one of the aforementioned big pieces. Year 4 and Year 5 would only be one playset each (both available for two years) The Cobra Terror Drome and USS Flagg ... Thoughts?

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    Sounds great to me! I have already made some suggestions for vehicles in some previous threads...and for some of the same vehicles you mention. First, I would want the Wolverine for FSS 1.0 Cover Girl, the HAL for FSS 2.0 Grand Slam, the MMS for Hawk (the senior ranking 3pack version). I would also like to see modern era version of some of the small play sets like the bivouac, guard tower, check point, etc. I just think we can start with the oldest ones first from the early 80's, then work our way to the more modern ones from the later 80's. Basically, if we have a 25th/30th ann., modern era driver figure, we should have the vehicle to go with them. I think the demand for these would be very high, but I think the price needs to be kept reasonable. The prices, as seen on ebay, are getting ridiculous.

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    So true- I figured $300-$500 for a set of 5 is expensive, but still cheaper than Ebay in some cases. I pd $225 (and feel lucky) for a 100% play wear w/ box Killer Whale. Filled a whole as a kid for a vehicle I never was able to get, but wanted really, really badly. I justified it as buying it for my niece and nephew who really enjoy playing with it and the rest of my old 80's Joe stuff. I started collecting the ROC/25th/30th/POC/Collector Club figures for them to actually play with. I agree about the smaller playsets as well, The outpost defender (ROC Walmart exclusive) is no where to be found at a reasonable price or 100% complete with the two figures. It was never available at either of the Walmarts near me and the lowest I have ever saw it on Ebay was $50 and that was 3 years ago. I was able to get the Cobra Surveillance Port, LAW and MMS (Cobra versions) at Walmart and they are online $50-$100 each and not always complete either.

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    Thanks for your suggestions. Please note that many of the vintage vehicles you list are no longer available. The creation of new vehicle tools is extremely expensive and cost prohibitive.

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    I am not one to give up easily, with 3-D printing/scanning technology I think they can be done. I know it will be expensive, but the price would reflect those expenses. Without knowing/seeing the actual "sticker shock" saying cost prohibitive doesn't mean much. Who knows a GI Joe Kickstarter could be started to crowd source the new molds, and at the different funding levels could simple GI Joe items from DVD's to dog tags for the lowest investors, up to limited (special collector club investor models of each of the Vehicles if funded) Say a "Tiger Force Killer Whale" or a "Sky Patrol" version of the Phantom X-19? If it isn't funded- then no money goes in and obviously there isn't enough interest at this time to see these classics updated and available again.

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    I think a vehicle subscription service would be great. Maybe make a smaller amount at first to see how well it does and go from the first initial set. I hear it is expensive, but I can't help but wonder how much a sculpt would be? If they would have to create all new sculpts of vehicles, why not update existing vehicles and create brand new Joe vehicles to bring them back to the cutting edge-technologically advanced vehicles that they used to be. A lot of the vintage vehicles were almost still top secret when they came out, and that put the Joe's on an almost even playing field with Cobra. Maybe have the vintage vehicle designers do what they do best? One thing I didn't like though: please, NO FLUORESCENT MISSILES AND GUNS!!? They are supposed to be bad-ass military. Thanks for reading.

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    I think this would be prohibitively expensive and I can't imagine that many of the original molds survived. I would never commit over $500 to a Vehicle sub service. One or two really spectacular, well- priced vehicles per year suits me just fine. Personally, I think the club has the right idea in that they are offering add- on vehicles for the membership figures- HAVOK and the 2015 Wave Crusher (I'm dying to learn the connection, if any, to Arctic Dr. Mindbender).

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    I think we should just do one big vehicle or play set like USS Flag or Whale. Kind of like the way they did castle gray skull.

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    I'd be interested in vehicles as we'll but there'd be a few logistics to work in terms of cost, how many vehicles, what size vehicles, etc. before I could pull the trigger on the sub.

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    I think the Whale or GI Joe Headquarters might work, but the Flagg would probably have to be retooled and even then it would most likely cost $600-$800. The production of the Castle Grey Skull set was also contingent on the number of pre-orders MattyCollector received.

    It is a great idea though - The Flagg could be topped off by several planes, and maybe 10 joe naval figures.

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