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Thread: Crazy Legs Thread

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    Yes, looking at the figure (in photos) he looks too good not to have in one's collection

    I will have to try to pick one up

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    I think the FSS model for a reissue of the figure would be a great idea-- the Club could take preorders to be sure the funding was there & they don't get stuck with extra inventory. If there are no more 'chutes they could skip that part-- unfortunate, but it seems solvable for creative fans (dollar stores still sell those solid plastic generic figures with plastic parachutes; might be adaptable to a Joe figure)... or maybe the reissue could feature extra accessories, like an Airborne-style sculpted-chute backpack done in Night Force black? That might even get some folks who already scored a Crazylegs to preorder another one from the second release.

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    I like the idea of a re-issue via the Club Store. American Hero badge holders get first crack then it opens up to the masses after that.

    No card, just bagged like the one sold at Con. I would love for him to include a black version of the parachute that came with Retaliation Flint. This figure completes many collector's Night Force team, so it is essential. We shall see what the Club plans.

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    We can only hope the club makes good on this. I think the club knows it was a FUBAR situation and I think they will try to look at some way to make good on their bad situation. If they don't then WE need to be very vocal and press the issue until something does happen. The club like Hasbro only exists because they have us behind them. Unlike Hasbro though I think the club listens and does good work! Keep up the good work club, and I trust you will come through for us!

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    I did have a messed up figure (boxed set) that they replaced immediately and one that I broke (don't ask) that they replaced when it was my own fault, so I still have some faith that given the opportunity the Club will do the right thing.

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    I have a lab rat thst is missing his visor and gogglat that is missing his visor and goggles and unfortunately I discovered it saturday after I got home from the dinner and was leaving Sunday morning before I could exchange it for 1 that wasn't defective. When I got home I sent an email to the club and called and left a message and have had no reply to either as to whether or not I could exchange the defective lab rat for one that's not defective at my expense paying postage on both ends

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    I wish the club would make an announcement about this figure, I truly hope they "find" the missing box(es).

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    like I said earlier I don't think there's a missing box and nobody confirmed the count so there were hundreds less than they thought

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    I know GT holders that were turned away.

    If there is some miracle boxes of the figures those GT holder should have the first rights to get what they paid for, then after that normal Con ticket holders, and theeeen if there's any left onward to the Club store to sell out.

    All this is in accordance to the Club actually keeping track of people buy what they're "allowed" at the Con.

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    You are wrong so very wrong golden ticket holders get so much that if a box of crazy leg does show up no golden ticket holder should be first in line. American hero and general ticket holders should be the ones that get first crack at them and no 1 else, that is if there is any equity in how convention exclusives are distributed. to allow any golden ticket holder and opportunity at Crazy Legs would be an insult to all the American hero in general ticket holders who stood in line for hours only to get turned away while golden ticket holders and the majority of them obtained 3 Crazy Legs figures. But again I believe there is no missing box and there was just a miscount which should have resulted then a limit of one per person including the golden ticket holders. This fiasco is not something that can be pushed off onto programmers are any body else it is strictly the failure of management and those in control how to properly know what their inventories were