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Thread: Yo Joe!

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    A snippet of my GI Joe collection.

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    A couple of my favs! Monopoly & Operation Pegasus Bridge Set (2001)

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    Sideshow: Premium Format Figures (2012) ALL THREE!
    I do apologize, but i was not able to bring myself to open The Classic version (Blue) or the Crimson version - they will remain frozen in carbonite - so-to-speak.

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    Very nice. Like the Baroness a litte?

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    Maybe just a little...

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    I could not resist! I had to open the Classic variant!

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    Yep, Destro's a lucky man.
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    The newest addition to the family! Baroness Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles.

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    She is not the Exclusive version - the Exclusive version has an alternate interchangeable head. I hope to get that version soon.