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Thread: Classic G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Series

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    I like the occasional "Easter Egg" that was included in some of the episodes. For example "Skeletons in the Closet" when Lady Jaye is walking through the house that she "inherited" she passes a couple of portraits, one looks like her and one looks like Destro with a bad wig. As she walks past the portrait of Destro turns his head to watch her as she walks across the room. It's quick and it wasn't until I saw the episode on DVD before I noticed it and could back up to see it in slow motion.

    In another episode "My Favorite Things", at the end while Leatherneck and Wet Suit are in the sick bay recovering, there is a quick scene where Leatherneck is in a wheel chair and he's reading a comic book, if you pause it you'll see it's a Marvel G.I. Joe Comic book.

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    I have to echo the responses of all of you in terms of the original ARAH series. I like all the episodes mentioned above but I also like to rewatch the Arise Sepentor Arise! mini-series. Much better stories to work with here than the DIC series. Countdown for Zartan is another good one.

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    Pyramids of Darkness and Arise Serpentor Arise were both my favourite 5 parters. For episodes Haul down the heavens, Hearts and cannons, Synthoid conspiracy, Worlds without end, Flint's Vacation, Jungle Trap, Funhouse, Captives of Cobra, were all awesome episodes of the first season.

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    MASS Devise, Revenge of Cobra, Synthoid Conspiracy,No Place Like Springfield (although I was disappointed it was on a Cobra Island and not VT like the comics), Pyramid of Darkness, and Arise Serpentor Arise. As you can tell I liked the multi part serialized stories.

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    I loved Arise, Serpentor, Arise as well as Countdown for Zartan (international intrigue). Hearts and Cannons was also an interesting episode with its otherworldly Arabian Prince character and his quasi mystical and religious overtones.

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