Hey guys, I always asked because there is so much hate towards the DIC version, I honestly do not understand, sunbow also had errors in the animation, I know, maybe the sound effects to some people was quite tedious. However, the DIC version had wonderful things, step to list:

* The great variety of characters was something great, until today many of the most quoted characters, come from there.

* Vehicles and aircraft also had a great variety and technological-military approach.

* The battles, much better animated from the movement of missiles to the visual perspective.

* The sub-teams, ninja commands, sky patrol will always be remembered.

* Operation Dragonfire
* Victory at Volcania, Part 1
Victory at Volcania, Part 2

... and some more that I do not remember their names. All this is an appreciation of mine and I respect all empirical and objective opinions. Yo Joe!