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Thread: GI Joe 3, What would YOU like to see.

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    Mark Wahlberg as Lowlight. Why? Well, this and this.

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    Reboot to original character lines. Basically a movie based on Pursuit of Cobra style.

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    Nevertheless, I just watched Olympus has Fallen, and I was impressed with a number of things about it. GI Joe 3, or GI Joe 1 v2 would work well with a higher grit content. Not to exclude any of the young'uns out there, Paramount can continue with GI Joe 3, but something more mature with a seriousness that we find so prevalent in the world we live in today, yet retain a bit of tongue in cheek humor, would be a needed change of pace.

    In secret over the past twenty years, a nameless man has been amassing an army. Comprised of men and women removed from various international militant forces, men and women with a bone to pick with their nationality. In the shadows of a place called Cobra Island they trained and they plotted, spreading sleepers to the four corners of the world.

    When the man, now know as "The Commander" to the forces he controls, felt the time was right, he instructed the sleepers to detonate charges placed in the foundation and structure of the Pentagon, and sank it into the soil of Langley, VA. Similar orders were given to sleepers in all the superpowers.

    Without giving the dust the appropriate amount of time to settle, "The Commander" hijacked all radio, wi-fi, and television signals in the world. He gave his demand, control.

    The President of the United States, from an undisclosed secure location, ordered the ARAH Initiative be activated. General Abernathy of the U.S. Military, was appointed leader of the team he was to assemble in 12 hours, GI JOE.

    Your ideas are awesome. You should be writing a script for G.I.Joe the movie.