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Thread: Where to find 12" collectors after the club?

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    Where to find 12" collectors after the club?

    We'll, the final month is almost here.

    Where is everyone going after this? What forums can we find each other on after this forum inevitably shuts down?

    I'm on:

    "Unofficial Action Man HQ"
    "Action Man Mobile Ops" (AMMO)
    "The Trenches" "ActionYankee."
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    I am on multiple facebook groups as "Caleb Rowe." GI Joe Adventure Team, GI JOE Adventure Team Headquarters, WGAF GI Joe for sale!, and a few others.

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    You should check out The Trenches - which is both on Facebook and also is a regular discussion forum (like this one) with many many members, including Barry Kay, Ace Allgood, Buddy Finethy, Sergeant Fink, and many many others. It's run by Scott and Char Beckmann.

    Here's a link to the forum page: