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Thread: November 2018 updates!

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    Exclamation November 2018 updates!

    Hello Members,

    Pre-Orders have now started for the Final 12, Zartan with Cold Slither Cycle and the Cobra Night Stalker Female Troopers!

    As a thank you to our long term completest members, if you purchase all 6 sets of the Final 12, from now until December 31, 2018, you will receive a $50 discount. This is in the spirit of the FSS (think of it as buying 11, getting 1 free)!

    The figure pairs can be ordered "a la carte" (figures sold in sets of 2 with a companion figure). There are 6 sets of figures. Figures cannot be ordered in singles.

    Click Here to Order!

    The FINAL Pre-Orders:

    All 12 (six different sets of 2):

    (PRE-ORDER) 2018 GI Joe Club Exclusive The Final Twelve Carded Figures, Sets 1-6 (12 Figures Total) $576 $526 +shipping


    Figure sets:

    (PRE-ORDER) 2018 GI Joe Club Exclusive The Final Twelve, Set 1: Low-Light & Barbecue Carded Figures (2 pcs) $96 +shipping

    (PRE-ORDER) 2018 GI Joe Club Exclusive The Final Twelve, Set 2: Dodger & Cobra Viper Carded Figures (2 pcs) $96 +shipping

    (PRE-ORDER) 2018 GI Joe Club Exclusive The Final Twelve, Set 3: Lt. Falcon & Road Pig Carded Figures (2 pcs) $96 +shipping

    (PRE-ORDER) 2018 GI Joe Club Exclusive The Final Twelve, Set 4: Tiger Force Hit & Run AND Tiger Force Blizzard Carded Figures (2 pcs) $96 +shipping

    (PRE-ORDER) 2018 GI Joe Club Exclusive The Final Twelve, Set 5: Psyche-Out & Tiger Force Tunnel Rat Carded Figures (2 pcs) $96 +shipping

    (PRE-ORDER) 2018 GI Joe Club Exclusive The Final Twelve, Set 6: Black Spider Rendezvous & Coils O'Doom Carded Figures (1 pc) $96 +shipping


    (PRE-ORDER) 2018 GI Joe Club Exclusive Ninja Force Zartan with Cold Slither Cycle (1 pc) $86 +shipping


    (PRE-ORDER) 2018 GI Joe Club Exclusive Cobra Night Stalkers Female Troopers 3-pack (1 pc) $82 +shipping


    Due to the volume it will take several weeks for all orders to be processed and shipped after we receive the container from China. Your delivery will be sometime in mid to late January.




    To change any addresses on pre-orders please contact our office at 817-448-9863 ext. 0.

    These are the final exclusives from the G.I. Joe Collector's Club. Order now before they are all gone!

    Have a great holiday season!

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    Great! Thanks Fun Pub for the new Joes...

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    I'm guessing the pre-orders will be up until Dec. 31st, is that correct?

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    I guess it's a really good thing I budgeted high. At this price point, though, I won't be able to double up. I'll be getting one set though, so I guess that's better than nothing.

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    I have the same question, are the preorders going to be up until December 31st? Need to know how much time I have to gather the money.

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    Do these all come with " This item comes with a letter that it is from the Collectors' Club Archives and it will be embossed with the Hassenfeld Bros Inc. Corporate seal from 1926 (which is a cool mento itself)."?

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    These prices are a little steep at nearly $50 a figure. With that said, I need that Zartan so I’ll definitely be getting him.

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    Yeah, these prices are higher than I was expecting. With that said, I have decided I'm only getting the 2 I was really wanting. Still debating on getting another version of Zartan with his cycle. Sorry, but I can't justify 80something for the night stalkers when the cobra troopers were 60something. Sorry club, I WANT to support you, yet with these extremely inflated prices, I just can't justify it.......

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    Hello Club Members!

    There has been several questions that have come in and we want to address them:

    1. When does the order period end?

    There is no end to the order period. When we run out, that's the end. These products are supposed to ship from China in about 2 weeks and that puts them here around the first of the year. We will start shipping to you as soon as they arrive. When the figures arrive, if there is any quality left that has not been pre-ordered, they will move to an in stock status in the club store.

    2. If my membership ends December 31, 2018, will there be anyone at the club to handle my orders?

    The CLUB memberships all end December 31, 2018. This means your last magazine will be December 2018. We have an additional 12 months to sell and ship our remaining products to you. This will be the same process as when the Transformers Collectors' Club ended. We will announce next year what the final closing date will be for Fun Publications.

    3. Why are the figures more expensive compared to past exclusives?

    We understand your concerns. As all of this winds down to the end of G.I. Joe, factories are less willing to make these low production run projects, so pricing has increased drastically and we totally understand fan reactions to the prices. The carded figure pricing is the same as the last convention carded figure exclusives. We were already starting to see some of the increases then. Small production runs are expensive to make if you can even get the factory to make them. They would like the minimum orders to be 5x-10x what we typically order. The only way we have been able to make these figures at all is because of Hasbro's relationship with the factories.

    We don't know the future Hasbro has in store for G.I. Joe, but if you look at the current toy market, it seems unlikely you will ever see this product again in this format. Unfortunately, it's kind of the "end of the line".

    To give you a pricing comparison: on the Female Troopers from 2016 to the 2018 versions, our manufacturing costs (not including increases in shipping costs) went up 34%! We pushed back on the factory but they would not budge, particularly because we made 1/3rd less than the first set of Female Troopers. The less you run, the more each figure costs. On the Final 12, we picked a number that was in the middle of all of the prior subscription quantities since we could not do the final figures in the FSS format, due to the impending end of the contact.

    We appreciate your support over all of these years and we hope your interest in G.I. Joe never fades away!


    PS. After less than 24 hours, we are already 20% sold through these items.

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    I placed my orders last night ($715 total). The prices were quite shocking considering that that FSS figures are only, what $38 each. But I do appreciate the club's email explaining their cost increases.

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