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Thread: Selling collection

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    Selling collection

    I am looking to sell my collection. Looking for feedback where to sell it at. I have joecon sets from 2012 to 2018. Fss figured 25th 30th and 50th figured

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    If you have bullhorn, pathfinder, except for fss send me private

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    Smittyjoe you could contact comic book stores across the country as several carry gi joe. You could also try to sell your collection as pieces. Also you can post on sites like offer up. If you are looking to sell individuals message me and I would be interested in buying some figures

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    If you are interested in selling off pieces or sets, message me, I’m trying to fill in some missing for me collection

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    There are several buy sell trade groups on Facebook. Just remember that when you post an item you give a price. If you are willing to do a layaway you'll sell your items quicker and you know that its a collector who's getting these not a dealer.

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    I would just put them up on ebay one set at a time if I were you. Can't think of a better way to do it other than in person. Any retail store will give you a fraction of what you'd get because they need to resell it themselves for a profit.

    On a side note, if you have a Steeler or Freestyle from the Nocturnal Fire 2013 con let me know how much you would want for them!

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    485 buys collections, they usually have a link on the side of the website.

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    Thank you everyone here is the list of items i am looking to sell. please make realistic offers. if interested send email to with item and offer. i will get back within 24hrs. i will send pics of loose items requested.

    artic dr. mindbender loose
    rock n roll mib
    big lob loose
    pythona loose
    cross country loose no acc
    ninja force featuring nf scarlett dr. biggle jones opened but still in box
    fss tollbooth loose incomplete
    fss cross hair loose
    fss raptor loose
    fss interrogator loose
    fss inferno bat loose
    fss night creeper loose
    fss cesspool loose
    fss big ben loose
    fss bombardier loose
    fss gaucho loose
    fss jammer
    fss big bear loose
    fss dragonsky loose
    fss nunchuk loose
    fss widescope loose
    fss surefire loose
    fss keel-haul loose
    fss doc loose

    the following mosc
    25th cobra commander with mass element
    25th tripwire with mass element
    25th underwater trooper with mass element
    joecon lamprey officer
    fss crystal ball
    fss stalker
    fss hollow point
    fss tf jinx
    fss worms
    fss kangor
    fss guillotine
    fss darklon
    fss steel raven
    fss night commander female
    fss captain skip
    fss ice viper captain
    fss gijane
    fss joe colton
    fss volga
    fss cobra commander artic
    fss kaos
    fss billy arboc
    fss dojo

    Joe con sets
    2012 oktober guard vs iron grenadiers
    2013 night force
    2014 zombie
    2016 sky patrol
    2017 battle force 2000
    2018 slaughter marauders

    tanks for the memories sparks loose
    2011 wetsuit loose
    2016 air raid loose
    2016 serpent with aero viper loose
    2017 conquest loose with box
    2017 snow mobiles x 2 loose
    2018 renegades loose
    2018 rock viper loose x3
    2018 saw viper loose x3
    2018 para viper officer loose
    2018 para viper trooper loose x 2
    2018 snake armor loose

    Misc items all are loose
    sdcc sgt slaughter inc
    2018 con box only
    powerglide sdcc loose (red rattler)
    jetfire sdcc loose (skystriker)
    50th tomahawk with lift ticket loose
    sdcc crimson jet with avac (skystriker) loose
    club havoc MK II loose
    sdcc soundwave hiss tank loose
    sdcc brailik w/ driver loose
    sdcc brasilik w/ driver customized missing wiper loose
    sdcc awestriker desert duel w/ chuckles loose
    50th wolf with ice viper loose (might be missing one knife)
    25th sharc tooth with deep six loose
    club marissa fairborne w afterburner loose
    roc for parts has copter loose (missing doors, misslies etc)
    mass device loose
    85 bridgelayer loose
    roc r.hin.o complete loose with box
    25th flak loose
    85 check point loose
    roc air raid with skysweeper
    50th heat viper loose
    50th blow torch loose
    25th python officer loose
    50th torpedo loose
    50th falcon loose 3 pk version
    50th shooter loose
    50th leatherneck
    50th gungho
    50th lowlight
    50th stileto
    50th heavy duty
    50th tombstone
    50th airtrooper
    50th eel
    50th sdcc hiss driver
    50th sdcc hiss gunner
    50th shadow guard
    50th croc master red
    50th artic bat
    50th zombie 2 pack
    sdcc snake eyes transformer emblem
    shockblast comic pack (shock wave)
    25th trakkar
    hard master comic pack
    25th red star comic pack
    kwinn modern version incomplete
    club old snake with bats