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Thread: SPOILERS! FSS 7.0 Figure Discussion

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    Not the Downtown, Super trooper, or lightfoot most people wanted. Even with the inundation of Tiger force, we would have preferred a tiger force tripwire because it would have completed something, maybe even a listen'n fun tripwire.

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    I really thought we were getting Sparks. But this guy!? It's not bad, as he will display nicely. But not what we really wanted either. Being as this is the end for the club, we soulda gotten a more requested figure. I'll also add that this FSS had more issues than any other.

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    His stand says Hallow Point

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    yeah, i liked this shipment very much.

    both Jinx and Stalker turned out better than expected, and that's saying something considering how great the mockups looked.

    Hollow Point was actually, confusingly, a pleasant surprise. I've always preferred the "jungle joes" as i call them, because they're camo'd for the jungle. mostly green. super green. plus he's a Marine. not only a Marine, but Recon. i hold a special place in my heart for Marines. i blame my dad. he served during 'nam as a Marine. i can't remember if i learned the national anthem or the marine corps hymn first. Anyway, i'm glad i got him, MUCH better than the old lego-ish version.

    on the topic of 13th:

    i'll be perfectly honest here... i was iniitially disappointed that it wasn't Backblast, but i'm also very glad it wasn't another boring tiger force / slaughter's marauders / night force repaint. (i really hate the idea of repaints when there's so many other characters out there. why do we need repaints before the other characters are made?) i appreciate that so many collector's want to "finish their collections," and i appreciate that sometimes repaints are the only way to get "out-of-print" characters, but i kinda always hated the lazy repaint mindset of toy companies in the 80s and 90s.

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    I was originally one who called Hollow/Hallow Point an "epic fail". I admit it, I was wrong. It is still a case of "what could have been". As many others have pointed out, there are many other characters that we wanted. However, I'm actually really liking this figure, name stand spelling aside. Good weapon assortment, good head sculpt and an all around solid addition to the "Jungle Joes" as Baconnaire points out. The fact that he is Force Recon makes him all the more valuable to me as a figure.

    EDIT: If anyone is looking to place a blindfold on the unmasked head, I have been told that the red sash of Marvel Universe Psylocke or Captain Marvel figures fits well. I have NOT yet tried this, as I am still waiting to receive my sets.
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    I just received my figures this morning and well...

    1. Stalker - Absolutely beautiful!! Fantastic build and deco with all original accessories. This is how it should be done people.
    2. TF Jinx - Not my favorite, but she helps complete my TF set.
    3. Hollow Point - Definitely a surprise. Like other members I was at least expecting Sparks, Lightfoot or Downtown, but I have to say that the build of the figure is pretty good. I had to look him up on, and then remembered that he was part of the ill-conceived Built to Rule line from 2003-04. I remember being interested in the character, but passing on the set because of the Lego/Duplo "things" on his arms and legs. One positive is that he looks like real-world military. The club version looks like Rock N Roll's long-lost cousin.

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    Once I receive my corrected figure stand with the correct character name I'll be ok with Hollow Point as the 13th bonus figure.

    I like that they made his file card less cheesy, its a smart reuse of a good head sculpt and Lowlight is a solid base figure.

    But I do need a corrected figure stand. Right now it is a defective product. Please do the right thing for your most loyal members.