I think Hasbro should use HasLab for all future classic Joe releases, rather than SDCC and Hascon (emphasis on the "con," if you get my point). Afterall, they were able to secure over $10,000 for the production of a 6 ft Star Wars Jabba's barge. This way Hasbro will have retail space for whatever junk they choose to put out for Joe 3 that will be aimed at kids, etc.

Start out small - A set of classic vehicle drivers (like those old Joe mail-ins), a complete DEF set, followed by Star Brigade. Hasbro can barely get 10 new figures out for its retail lines while small Kickstarter lines have produced or are promising dozens of figures per project. Imagine an "All In style" Star Brigade set with the option of 12 packs of Astro Vipers and TARGATs.