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Thread: HasLab ideas

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    HasLab ideas

    I think Hasbro should use HasLab for all future classic Joe releases, rather than SDCC and Hascon (emphasis on the "con," if you get my point). Afterall, they were able to secure over $10,000 for the production of a 6 ft Star Wars Jabba's barge. This way Hasbro will have retail space for whatever junk they choose to put out for Joe 3 that will be aimed at kids, etc.

    Start out small - A set of classic vehicle drivers (like those old Joe mail-ins), a complete DEF set, followed by Star Brigade. Hasbro can barely get 10 new figures out for its retail lines while small Kickstarter lines have produced or are promising dozens of figures per project. Imagine an "All In style" Star Brigade set with the option of 12 packs of Astro Vipers and TARGATs.

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    I think they should do an FSS style system to incorporate more sections. Theoretically, they could offer it for a lower price

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    Afterall, they were able to secure over $10,000 for the production of a 6 ft Star Wars Jabba's barge. This way Hasbro will have retail space for whatever junk they choose to put out for Joe 3 that will be aimed at kids, etc.
    I believe it was a goal of over $2.5 million that was well exceeded, which also gives them the parts, and the availability to reproduce a "commercial run" of the Barge at a later time in different colors/packaging for labor and material only reducing the price point.

    In some small part, I think the success of the FSS here with the Club, the Matty Collector Grayskull and Voltron, and the lengthy discussion on a VSS probably led Hasbro down the path of Haslab. Starting off with Star Wars which is the "hot property" with the new movies, and existing fan base.

    That said for a small Joe Vehicle or run of figures we will be looking at all in amounts like the Club's FSS with the same number of subscribers needed, so like the FSS they will have to be diverse. Meaning that the figures I hate post 1990 would have to be represented more so than the pr 1990 stuff that the majority of collector's want. New characters would have to be involved to keep the brand "fresh" for those that want "new characters" for their collecting habits, unproduced characters for those fans of the cartoons and comics, small representations of the 12" Adventure Team and America's Moving Fighting Man, Foreign representations, Action Force, Red Shadows, etc.

    We all play in the big sandbox, and while I am disappointed with every Ninja Force character released ahead of the ARAH main run, I understood it. I did not like it, but I understood it. When the end of the Club was announced my view and others was a strong desire to throw all the other fans under the bus to get what I wanted selfishlessly. Haslab could go either way if there is a one shot and it is not overwhelmingly supported, I fear it will be the only one, but if it is too heavy to one era, line, fanbase, I fear it might not succeed. Conversely, if it is too diverse, it might fail because there is "not enough interest" at the price point for individual collector's. After all if you want 1 of 15 would you plunk down $500? In essence making that figure to you a $500 figure (discounting the potential sale of the other 14). All this said... as the previous post asked is Haslab the future of collecting, indicating retail in general is dead.
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    Haslab is the future of collecting. It takes a big part of the risk out of a new project. The biggest risk for a producer like hasbro is a big ticket item or a franchise goal that doesn’t hit the numbers they need and they are holding the bag and taking a loss. Hasbro can test demand with Haslab with big ticket items so they can gauge interest. They can either keep it thru Haslab, go to retail, or scrap it if there not enough interest. There will be many ways they can use Haslab to avoid disasters with big items or make a true exclusive thru their own sites. Hasbro is adjusting to a drastically changing reality of what retail is and I think that has been driving a lot of changes we’ve seen.

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    I hope they test more than one Joe item a year. And I hope they do or offer from crowdsourcing more than three or four figures a year as well. It would be great if they did something the quantity of an FSS each year.
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    I would gladly pay a thousand or more a new, factory fresh 7ft + aircraft carrier. Also would like a new and improved larger HQ.

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    I could get behind a new HQ for the Joe team. I can see it now at least two levels, keep the bays for the VAMP and Mobat, add one for the RAM. Grond level wold have the bays along with a cell this time with a roof so Cobra can't climb out and the computer room just like the original. The secon floor is a barracks and a commons area the large cannon and side guns can be mounted here. And finally a roof with two landing platforms one for the helicopters (should be big enough to accommodate all copters) ant rhe second for the HAWKS and Jump Packs with a mounting area for several of them. Staircases on the out side going to each plat form, and one inside going from the ground floor to the second. And maybe a central staircase that can access both landing platforms. Oh also on the ground floor an armory with tons of weapons. This is what I wish the original base had at the very least. Can anyone think of anything I missed?

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    Skoorcard....... I like the base layout!

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    Two words "Modular-PIT"
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    HasLab could also be used to update many of the 1982-85 characters that we released in the 25th line, but need a tooling update. A great many were pretty awful when compared to those from more recent Hasbro and club releases (i.e. the 2008 Spirit with his giant neck).