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Thread: Made a fun Adventure Team site

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    Made a fun Adventure Team site

    I made my own Adventure Team website. Purely for fun, no revenue, etc. It's a nice hobby.

    The character names are different than what the Club's comics were, as is the intended story/time line. Different from anything Hasbro ever did, but influenced heavily by their foundation, as well as a slew of pop culture that's appropriate including Indiana Jones, The X-Files, the James Bond franchise, among others.

    I plan to, at some point, have my own comics and stories and such that can be read and enjoyed, but right now, none of that. Just photos of the 1970 Team, which will be expanded in due time.

    Lemme know what you guys think so far.
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    Great looking site so far! Looking forward to what you have in store. Got the link saved!
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    This is awesome!

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    Great job! Can't wait for more!!