In case you missed it, there was some unexpected new products from the Club announced this weekend at JoeCon. I did not attend the convention, so this is all secondhand information, and I don't have any pictures to post. Please provide addition details/pictures if you have them.

The big thing is a final set of 12 carded figures sold as six separate two packs (not a 12 figure subscription). They will ship in FSS style boxes. It's an all repaint wave that seems to be what they could get produced quickly, I suppose.

Sonic Fighters Falcon vs Sonic Fighters Road Pig
Sonic Fighters Dodger vs Sonic Fighters Viper
Slaughter's Marauders Barbecue & Low Light (builds from the BBTS 7 pack in vintage Marauder's colors)
European Tiger Force Hit & Run & Psyche-Out
European Tiger Force Blizzard & Tunnel Rat
Black Spider? (based on Adventure Team character) vs Coils O'Doom (brand new character with ties to Crimson Asp?)

Also announced was a Cobra Night Stalkers 3-pack (black female troopers, each will have different hair/skin color) and a Ninja Force Zartan with motorcycle set (the motorcycle is a repaint of the POC Doom Cycle).

No info given on price or timing yet, but we will probably see an official announcement on the club site sometime soon. I believe it was stated they cannot produce or sell products (take orders, collect money) after December 31, but they are allowed to ship preordered items in 2019. It's possible we see preorders for these products before the end of the year and don't actually get them (or some of the FSS 8 figures) until next year.