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Thread: June 2018 updates

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    What about the other issue floating around the internet from a while back? I do not remember the Club addressing that one directly and is more important than a few rowdy, classless fans looking to harass people.

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    If the Club addressed every "issue floating around the internet" then they would scarcely have time to do anything else. Let's do what you should to classless people looking for attention: ignore them.

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    I tend to agree with you Jyoders, but what that guy did was a violation of both state and federal laws. I’d feel better if there had been a statement issued by the club that yes, there had been a complaint made to law enforcement in the appropriate region and that the issue was being handled. That’s it, we don’t need updates about arrests or anything like that, just a simple reassurance that yes, police were notified and advised of this individual’s threats.

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    Things are all good for the show. Please note that we will NOT be shipping out FSS 7 figures before the show. They got held up in customs (again) and we just got them today. Truck leaves for show on Friday so there is no time to do this. We will catch up after the show.

    We also will not be doing the prior film fest winners showing. We have too many live presenters and Carson M. and Kirk B. have a treat for you from Kirk's "home movies".

    Convention will be a fun, SAFE, family event. See you there!

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    Thank you for addressing the issue, albeit in as vague a fashion as possible. I think that is all people wanted to hear/see to alleviate their concerns.

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    Hello FSS 7.0 Subscribers:

    Unfortunately the shipment was held up in Customs, so we were unable to get anything shipped to you before the Convention. We will be sending the first two shipments almost back to back as soon as we return form the show. The installment billings will now be July 16th, and August 15th.

    Please keep your shipping up-to-date as well as your CC information if you are on the installment plan. Click here for updates.

    Thanks for your patience and hope to see you all at GIJoeCon!