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Thread: Who is needing and wanting to trade fss figure?!?!!

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    Just an update from me finally completed my Tiger Force and the Sgt. Slaughter, Jinx, and Zarana are all gone. If anyone is interested I'm willing to trade the FSS 5 Battle Force/Corps Cobra Trooper/Viper for a Hardtop, PM me if interested thanks!

    To the person who responded you need to clean out your inbox I cant leave you a the Hardball
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    So.......any takers on any trades? I'm looking for--
    1. Raptor
    2. Convention SAW viper

    Pm me if interested!!!
    I will have Over-Kill, Lt. Clay Moore as trades for any of the figures I'm looking for. Might consider 2 for 1 on them.
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    I have all FSS7.0 carded. I am needing Pythona carded or loose. PM me if you have a good trade.

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    looking for for kaos, raptor, interrogator,big boa and crystal ball, willing to trade most of fss 8.0

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    Merry Christmas
    Looking to sell
    Joecon iron bear
    Joecon col brehkov
    Joecon horrowshow
    Joecon schrage
    Joecon stormavik
    Joecon elite iron grenadine x 2
    Joecon elite heavy grenadier x 2
    Joecon iron grenadier x 4
    Fss clutch
    Fss fast draw
    Fss clay moore
    Fss blizzard
    Fss munitia
    Fss bushido
    Sky patrol 2016 box only w foam. Authetic 2016 pin.
    2017 bf2000 box foam only.
    2012 bear trap. Foam. Comic. 2012 pin
    2014 zombie initiative. Comic authentic figures and accessories.
    2016 sky patrol altitude
    2016 air devil x 3
    2016 night vulture x 3

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    What prices are you asking for Horrorshow
    Elite Iron Grenadiers - Iron and Heavy
    and Altitude

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    You can send pm now with offer