I actually really like this one, despite the obvious differences from the vintage figure. It still is obviously Blizzard and looks like a cool figure in his own right. I think all the little painted details on the coat really help it look like a premium figure. I didn't keep Big Bear from FSS 2, so this is like an all new figure to me, well except for the head. It is kind of a shame he has to share a head with Scoop and SP Airborne, but honestly I don't know what other available helmet to use. If there was a perfect option already used on a modern figure, I probably would have used it to make a custom Blizzard by now.

I just realized something else. We got Rock n Roll v2 this year, Jet Pack Hawk is in FSS 7, now we have Capt. Grid Iron and Blizzard in FSS 8, there are plenty of Duke and Snake Eyes figures... we have the whole team from the G.I. Joe Nintendo game now!