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Thread: GIJCC: FSS 8.0 Seventh Figure Preview

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    GIJCC: FSS 8.0 Seventh Figure Preview

    Order Now... from the 2018 Figure Subscription Service 8.0 website!

    Our GIJCC Figure Subscription Service 8.0 is an optional separate purchase if you are an active member of the G.I. Joe Collectors' Club. You can subscribe now through the May 2nd, 2018 deadline!

    We are very excited to offer the eighth and final limited edition GIJCC FSS (Figure Subscription Service). This assortment contains a variety of club member requested characters from all eras of the 3 3/4-inch G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero series. It includes classic 80's, 90's, 2000's, international, and many never previously released characters to add to your modern era action figure collection. Upon successful completion, you will also receive a BONUS mystery 13th carded action figure with the last shipment.

    Each single carded action figure features the highly articulated modern era sculpts with weapons and accessories for them to accomplish any mission!

    (Inspired by the 1988 action figure.)
    Includes: removable arctic coat, sniper rifle, backpack,
    skis x 2, ski poles x 2, boot cleats x 2, and figure stand.

    NOTE: These modern era club exclusive action figures will not be exact replicas of their vintage counterparts. All images are Photoshop mock-up representations, final product, accessories and/or colors will vary!

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    Woo, never been first on one of these.

    He looks warm. Like all the pouches etc.

    Is the gun clear?

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    better overall than i expected, but that head is a travesty. These non removable helmets have got to go

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    This is the best looking figure so far! Fantastic, so long as all of those paint apps stay!

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    Loving all this except the non removable helmet again. Please club adjust this strategy for this figure.

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    I think it looks great

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    This is not at all what I expected. This is far better than o thought he would be. Excellent. I may be the monority, but, the non removable helmet doesn't matter to me a bit.

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    Blizzard was one of my favorites as a kid, but I doubt I'd even identify this as the same character. I wish we could have gotten an unmasked head instead. Of everything we've seen so far in this FSS, this is the one thing I most hope would be reconsidered.
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    Honestly, without some brand-new tooling I can't see an existing alternative head that matches the original. It's the best choice of the optional available.

    It just means that we're going for a three-peat in terms of reuse.

    I do like the jacket deco, however. That looks really slick. I subscribed day one so I'm looking forward to his eventual arrival.
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    This one is a winner... This works for me... I actually really like this one for an update ...

    The non removable helmet doesn't bother me. It would have been nice, but is not a deal breaker.
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