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Thread: 2018 Con Attendee Exclusives

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    WOW!!! No vehicles? How about a "Slaughter House" playset. A home base for the Marauders. Anyone think that there might be a Slaugther's Renegades 3 pack & to play in a G.I.Joe movie theme.... a Lt. Falcon parachute figure!!! These of course are just my thoughts.
    I suggested Falcon or the Python Patrol Dr Mindbender as the parachute drop figure a while back.

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    Just really hoping the Club takes an "every slot to fill a slot" mentality and doesn't slavishly hold to the Marauders vs. Python Patrol set as they've done at all previous cons and give us some things outside the set that were highly requested to fill out the original ARAH run.
    They have done out side the set in the past with Parachute drop figures, like Crazy legs, Backstop and Freefall.