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Thread: FSS 8.0 General Discussion

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    All signed up but only want half of them tho

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    Really like the line up and the builds are good with the exceptions of a few little tweaks I'll make for personal tastes. The only one I really don't like is Gridiron, I just don't like that character. All in all, I'm excited to see the card art and can't wait to get these.

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    I'm in again for this set, signed up yesterday. I've done every sub except for 7, there just wasn't enough in there that I had to have for my collection, although the 13th figure will probably be something amazing that I want just because I didn't sign up.

    I was really excited about the lineup this time, and while all the reveals weren't always what I was hoping for, they still look pretty good. They are the only versions of these characters we will ever get and better than I could make myself customizing.

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    Good interview and yes he discusses helping to design FSS 8.0 and other FSS figures:

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    That interview was certainly enlightening. Hawk gets the Resolute head, Payload gets Leoric head and the FSS 8 13 is no longer as simple as "oh, it's this guy or the other guy". His is good stuff.

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    Wow I'd like to know how there's 13 members of Ninja Force still needing to be made when there is only 15 figures under that sub team name. 1992 gave us the first wave and it had 6 figures

    1. Dice
    2. Dojo
    3. Nunchuck
    4. Slice (red)
    5. T'J Bang

    Last time I looked all of theese have been made,15-6=9
    1993 had those 9

    1. Banzai
    2. Bushido
    3. Night Creeper
    4. Scarlett
    5. Snake Eyes
    6. Zartan
    7. Red Ninja
    8. T'Gin Zu

    As of this time we can confirm 2 made unless you count the Dollar General series 2 Storm Shadow and then its 3, leaving 6-7 unmade. Where are the extra figures? I hope he's not counting the Shadow Ninjas which are repaints of

    1. Bushido
    2. Night Creeper
    3. Nunchuck
    4. Slice
    5. Snake Eyes
    6. Storm Shadow

    But theese were not under the Ninja Force banner they were under the Shadow Ninjas banner. Even if he takes the ninja characters from Valor vs Venom and Ninja Battles you would only be able to add 6 characters

    1. Slash
    2. Kamakura
    3. Tiger Claw
    4. Slice v6
    5. Shadow Strike
    6. Black Dragon

    Now according to my memory, and please correct me if I'm wrong the only person to ask for any of the Ninja Battles or Valor vs Venom was me. I don't know about anyone else but if we get a variant of an already existing figure I'll be very upset.

    I forgot to add Storm Shadow under 92 as number 6 and slice (Orange) under 93.

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    okay... i changed my mind... I'm in.

    i just can't bring myself to pay those aftermarket prices. i'd end up paying more for the 4-5 figures i want than just subbing for the whole set now...

    The extended deadline made it possible. Thanks Club!

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    So I’m about to take this thread back to a “general discussion,” angle and not just the Ninja Force figure...I know I know, it’s the hot topic, but here’s what I was thinking. A year ago or more when Dojo was made, everyone and their mother naturally assumed that Headman was sure to follow with the recycled head. Unless he’s a con exclusive this year, the most obvious recycled head, wont actually be recycled. If you go back and look, there are several threads when Dojo was revealed that garaunteed Headman would be part of the 2018 Con Set or FSS 8.0. A lot of people predicted the 2018 Con Set would be DEF vs Headhunters solely based (at that time) on the Dojo head sculpt reveal. But the likelihood that Headman will ever be made is slim to none. What a difference a year makes. And yet BF 2000 heads have been recycled several times in a year’s time, who saw that coming? Especially over the Dojo Head for Headman?

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    I wonder what figures were considered, but ended up getting cut in the end...

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    Yeah, I'd love to see figures and mock ups that didn't make it or got rejected by Hasbro.