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Thread: FSS 8.0 General Discussion

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    I think the Grid Iron build works just fine. I can see why each piece was chosen to resemble the uniform and padding of the original. I don't think any of the "beefy guy" bodies available even have long sleeves, do they?

    Overall, I have no real complaints about the lineup. Lots of characters with no modern figures yet (only Clutch is a repaint). I just hope the builds come out okay for guys like Recoil and Blizzard with no new parts.
    looking for:
    tan harness from 25th DVD pack Stalker
    black shoulder harness from Dollar General gray Duke
    tan colored legs from Renegades Tunnel Rat, POC Steel Brigade, or similar color
    sniper rifle from Retaliation GI Joe Trooper (gray) or female Cobra Trooper (black)
    vintage Backblast v1 missile launcher
    DG Storm Shadow Bow (or similar mold in black)

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    Maybe they'll do a Backblast figure. He's been requested quite a bit as well. Another figure I think would be great as THE very last club figure (besides an AWESOME Golobulus figure with floating base) would be a Snake-Eyes figure in his dress uniform and rubber mask-maybe include a "regular"-face masked head and one without the mask and his deformed face. Or they also have the tooling to make Snake-Eyes from Vietnam before his accident when Stormshadow rescued him. They would be a great finish for me-any of those.
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    Pretty exciting lineup in FSS8! I subbed for it. Glad to see some of the missing ARAH characters from the '80s and early '90s.

    I hope the 13th figure is a missing '80s or early '90s figure as well. Maybe a driver/pilot that we haven't gotten in modern form yet?

    If there's any chance at all of an FSS9 before time expires, I'd love to see this lineup to round up the remaining key players in the early ARAH line that are still missing in Modern Era:

    Gung Ho v2
    Hydro Viper
    Toxo Viper v1
    Royal Guard
    Golobulus (yeah, it's asking a lot to attempt such a unique, single-use mold)
    Astro Viper
    (easy repaint of existing mold) TF Tripwire

    13th: NF Lightfoot (easy repaint) or Sgt Slaughter v3 (licensing issues, I know)

    Outside of Gung Ho v2, Golobulus, and certain parts of TARGAT and Royal Guard, the rest may only need a unique head, helmet, or weapon to achieve.

    I could see $500 for that set and I think a lot of others would stretch the budget for that lineup too.

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    I agree it always seems like they're in a no win, but I think I'm the most excited about Tan Clutch and I'd be fine with a 25th repaint, though I detest the 25th's arms, the rest of the build is fine.

    I never thought he'd get made because of the few complaints over tan grunt, (thanks club, love him too) so I'm just ecstatic!

    The rest of the sub is just icing

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    My guess for Blizzard Retaliation Ultimate Duke Helmet in White as a modern update, and the min Zartan Swamp Skier in Black as the ski sled, backpack

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    I may be alone here but I'd be fine with Blizzard being pretty much a re-paint of the 50th Snow Job (from 2-pack with Arctic BAT) with a new head. I never purchased that figure because I was thinking the club might re-use it.

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    I hope not. That would be an awful representation of Blizzard.

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    FSS 8 is really awesome and a great final wave with a wonderful mix of late 80's and 90's characters. I am very happy about Fast Draw, Payload, and Blizzard.

    Bullet Proof is a kind of bittersweet offering as I don't think we will see a complete DEF set before the end of the club (unless Fun Pub has something interesting up their sleeve. If not Headman should be the mystery figure in #8.

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    I hope not. That would be an awful representation of Blizzard.
    I always felt the original Blizzard was an awful representation lol. I'd just like to see him fit in more with the earlier arctic figures.

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    His sleeker design is what appealed to me. I'd love for him to be on the airtight frame, but you're probably closer to the reality.