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Thread: The future of collecting?

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    I'd be inclined to back a project that has never before produced vehicles, like to Cobra SkyCrane, OG 6 and 8 wheeled vehicles, Marine LAV, or hovercraft vehicle transport.

    Some of the more popular original vehicles re-scaled an modernized would be really cool too. An updated APC (where a figure actually operates the turret), or an up-scaled WHALE to fit modern figs (maybe swap the mini-bike or sled for a Zodiac or RIB).

    A true-to-scale aircraft would hold the least appeal for me. While some GI Joe vehicles are ridiculously out of proportion (Water Moccasin), I can live with the planes and helicopters we received from the club or Hasbro over the years.

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    A Modular PIT display system/playse would be a cool crowd sourced item.

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    So this is funded, what does everyone think this means for the future of collecting? In particular lines like GI Joe that does not have the corporate resources behind it?

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    Totally the Future of collecting. This removes a lot of risk from high price point items for the producing company and sinces it's sold directly is far higher margins for toy makers. It can also be a traffic driver for sites like HTS. It would work for almost any franchise for builds that collectors have been waiting for.
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