We hope to see you all at this final G.I. Joe Collector's Club (GIJoeCon) Convention in June!

Convention set registrations are severely depleted after almost 2 days!

The American Hero's Golden Ticket packages are sold out. The Thursday Custom Class is sold out. The Homefront Hero's packages are sold out. The American Hero packages are 60% sold through. The General's Golden Ticket packages are 97% sold through. The General's packages are 35% sold through. The Base Commander's packages are 30% sold through. The Marauders' loose sets are 90% sold through.

If we have sets available when we get closer to the convention, we will move them to the non-attending cue. Currently, we must keep them in the attending cue for members that are coming to the convention.

The Staybridge Hotel is out of rooms in the block and we are trying to have some more added. If you need a room, try them again tomorrow. Please let us know if you have any issues.

Don't miss out! We want to see all of you at this final celebration this year! GIJoeCon.com