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Thread: Heart Wrencher Preview 2

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    Heart Wrencher Preview 2

    All I can say is I saw a pic posted from the Club January issue (not mine my magazine always comes at the end of the month in Vermont) and it is great. Home run Club, Home run!!!! Now if we can get the Dreadnok RAM, Skyhawk and Fang as well ...

    Just take my money already!!! Like seriously this one is spot on perfect!

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    Agreed this set looks so cool and awesome that now I'm going to go nuts until I get theese in my greedy little hands.

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    Yeah, it looks real good. All about that price point now...

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    Haven't gotten it yet. Looking forward to seeing it from the positive reviews hnyaw.

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    Haven't seen it yet, but I would buy sight unseen!

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    LKelty it is worth it... I would not be surprised if this one sells out unlike the Wave Crusher and Havok II aka Jungle Cat to my nephew

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    WindsorVT - I am planning to get my pre-order in as soon as it is live. I liked the two previous vehicles offerings.

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    Heartwrencher and the Dreadnok Ground Assault Stinger has a lot going for it. Female Character, Dreadnok, New Character, Good vehicle and the mold isn't over used. Mega Winner.

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    Anxiously looking forward to this one!

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    Having finally seen the "leaked" images, I am eagerly waiting for this to become available. I'll probably pick up two just for the vehicle.