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Thread: 2011 BBTS Dreadnoks

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    2011 BBTS Dreadnoks

    I am looking for a complete 2011 BBTS Dreadnok battle pack, or loose versions of the figures especially

    Road Pig

    MIB sets seem to be going for over $400 lately (average was $150 this time last year - WTF?)


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    More collectors just discovering the modern era sculpt and starting off, and some just finished their O-ring collections and now are moving onto the 25th style. I have been floored by the asking and selling prices for some of the FSS stuff as of late as well. Sadly, I see the same thing for the limited Club figures if you don't jump on early. Dialtone will be the new norm, not an exception...
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    The vast majority of the 25th stuff really does not go for that much on Ebay, considering that some are 10 years old (average prices are $9 to $25). Rise and Pursuit, and the 30th lines are a different matter. I was just confused as to why this particular set was so rare and expensive when the Marauders, Cobra Island, and Extreme Conditions sets are all readily available MIB or broken down for very reasonable prices. I regret passing on these two sets when BBTS had some final stock two years ago for $79!!

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    And they made it to clearance, no less.

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    I think Windsor is right about the "second wave" of collectors discovering the ME sculpt lines after the movies came out which sucked up all the inventory (even stuff that made it to clearance prices) and then started driving prices up around 2011/12.

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    I agree, which is so weird to me, because of how bad the movies were and lacked that vintage representation. But just look at how many new members joined in 2017 and actively post on the club forums here. If the license wasn’t done at the end of the year, I feel like membership was on the rise? Lets hope Hasbro never loses contact information for David Lane and Brian Savage, you know....just incase...never know when you might need them for a brand resurrection.

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    I actually think it is the "third wave" getting in. I feel I was the "second wave" not getting permission from my sister to go full GI Joe for her kids until 2012. Even then some things were expensive, and they only got worse. I am glad I tracked down the Operation Bear Trap and Mission Brazil when I did. Even the 2009 Crimson Strike set is selling for $750 to $800 now. I agree, that just now people are really discovering the Club and membership could be on the rise with nostalgia and FB pages really bringing the old fanbase from the 80's together. I am a member of about 20 Joe groups and 3 80's groups where new people join everyday. Even the Club's FB page now has over 18,000 people following the page, that is following, not just liking. They have almost 19,000 that have liked the page. With more promotion they may get to 20K before the end. Impressive for a line which people estimate only has about "2000 fans"

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    I'm also glad to have purchased the Op. Bear Trap set for $600 back in 2014 (what a deal). Sorry to have passed on many of the 2002-11 sets which used to be so plentiful on ebay, but are now rarely offered whole for a less than 2 or 3 times the original price.

    Just a reminder that I need to get what I want from the ME era as soon as possible before they are more expensive than the originals.