JoeCon 2018. The last ride. Who's saddling up? I'd like too.

The last time Fun Publications has the reins. They've done a fabulous job, for both scales. They've released more figures than Hasbro has on their own these past several years. If I had my way, FunPub would keep the license for several more years. All in all, it's been a terrific run, the occasional winger aside, they have listened to us, and provided us much product that they should be proud of. Naysayers would balk at the notion that they've done a good job, but they should really take a better look. Reproductions when asked, changing parts and paint applications when asked. Answering questions, and as I said, more product than the licensee. FunPub should be proud of what they've done.

But, as much praise as we can give them, nothing can save them, except another (however unlikely) surprise extension from Hasbro.

So who will go to the last GI Joe Collector's Convention on Earth? What do you want, what do you expect? Hope to see many of you comment enthusiastically very soon.