It is official the fresh new take from Larry Hama, the Godfather of everything GI Joe ARAH, has sold out and a second printing is now under way. Don't know what the Dawn Arc is? The Dawn arc is, where Dawn Moreno, the Cobra Commander's personal assistant and bodyguard is introduced around issue 225 and accidently is implanted with the stored memories from Snake Eyes in the Brain Wave scanner from the early run of the MARVEL ARAH series. So this young woman struggling with her identity caught up in the luster of Cobra now has all these conflicting thoughts in her head, and knowledge of things which she doesn't know how or why she knows what she does. The struggle psychologically and the path she takes is going to be a fascinating read. How does she handle her first meeting with the "other" new Snake Eyes (Throwdown/Kamakura aka Wade Collins) as he donned the mask after Snake Eyes death and his injury. Going to be a fun arc to follow.